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Pitch Marks On Greens

Pitch Marks On Greens



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Pitch Marks On Greens

Pitch Marks On Greens


On Thursday 10th February we had a visit from our Course Agronomist who advises the club on the upkeep of the course.

Generally he was very satisfied with the progress we have made to date despite the very bad weather we have had.

The one thing he did highlight as a concern is the amount of pitch marks on some of the greens. He has suggested we close these greens off and give them time to repair before the start of the season.

The greens committee realise we have a problem with pitch marks and as you may recall we introduced a system last year where every member was not only responsible to repair their own pitch marks but also look after specific greens according to the first initial of their surname. The system proved very successful at the start of the season but then fell away as the season progressed and especially over the winter period when the greens have been very wet and soft. It is not the clubs desire to close any of the greens but if we do not see a vast improvement over the next few weeks then there will be no other option, therefore I have attached to this email a list of the greens and relevant surname letters. Would all members please commence the repairs from this point forward.

It has also been highlighted that some pitch marks are not being repaired correctly therefore I have included the following link below for you to view and hopefully this will be helpful.





Russell Philp

Greens Convenor




As per e-mail, members whose surname beginning with the identified letter will be responsible for repairing pitch marks on the selected greens as follows:


Green 1: A + T + Y                  Green 10: H + I + J

Green 2: D + F                        Green 11: P + R

Green 3: C + E                        Green 12: P + R

Green 4: S                              Green 13: G + K

Green 5: S                              Green 14: L + I

Green 6: B                              Green 15: M

Green 7: B + N + O                 Green 16: M

Green 8: T + W                       Green 17: M

Green 9: H +I + J                    Green 18: W




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